Alabama Law Student Admission

Alabama’s Law Student Rules allows eligible law students to practice before Alabama courts.

Law students must:

  • Be registered as a law student with the Secretary of the Board of Commissioners of the Alabama State Bar.
  • Be enrolled in any school of law where graduation allows the student to be eligible to sit for the Alabama bar exam.
  • Have completed legal studies amounting to at least four semesters (not less than 54 hours) or the equivalent for schools on non-semester systems.
  • Be certified by the law school Dean that the student is of good character and competent legal ability and adequately trained to perform as a legal intern.
  • Certify in writing that the student attorney has read, and will abide by, the Alabama Rules of Professional Conduct and subscribe to the Alabama oath.

Law student interns may appear in court and provide any related services on behalf of the client that are approved by the client, the sponsoring attorney, and the court or tribunal.

Under the supervision of a member of the Alabama Bar, law student interns may also prepare pleadings and other documents so long as the attorney of record signs the documents. Law student interns may prepare briefs, abstracts, and other documents that will be filed in Alabama appellate courts so long as the attorney of record signs the documents.

Law student interns are also authorized to interview, advise, and negotiate for a client while assisting the sponsoring attorney.

An attorney admitted to practice law in the court where the student is appearing will introduce the law student. Law students cannot ask for nor receive compensation or remuneration of any kind for specific services from the person he or she renders services. The student intern may receive a set salary or hourly wage by an employing lawyer, law firm, government office, or other entity providing legal services.

Sponsoring Attorneys
The sponsoring attorney will certify to the court that he or she will fulfill the responsibilities of a sponsoring attorney.  The sponsoring attorney’s duties include:

  • Filing the appropriate Certificate of Sponsorship.
  • Assuming professional responsibility under the Alabama Rules of Professional Conduct for the student intern’s work.
  • Securing the prior written consent of the client for the services actually to be performed in court by the student intern and keeping the client informed of the services performed by the student intern.
  • Supervising the activities and services of the student intern.  The student intern’s services must be performed under the member’s direction and with his or her knowledge and approval.

Requirements and Filings
Forms for the student intern certificate, certificate of the supervising attorney, and the law school Dean certificate can be found at the Alabama State Bar’s Website.

The law student intern certification remains in effect so long as the student attorney continues in good standing.  After law school graduation, the certification remains in effect until the results of the next Alabama bar exam are announced.

The certification may be withdrawn by the law school Dean or the Board of Commissioners at any time.