California Multijurisdictional Practice (MJP)

Please see the MJP General page for more information regarding Multijurisdictional Practice (“MJP”).

California has not adopted a version of ABA Model Rule 5.5 or 8.5 for the California Rules of Professional Conduct that would allow attorneys licensed in other jurisdictions to practice law in California without engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.

California generally refers to MJP as practices permitted by out-of-state attorneys. These practices are included in the other special admission pages on this website. Some practices generally covered by the ABA’s MJP rules are covered in the California Miscellaneous page.

The following California Rules of Professional Conduct are applicable to attorneys practicing outside of their home jurisdiction.

Rule 1-300 (Unauthorized Practice of Law)

Rule 1-300(b) states:

A member shall not practice law in a jurisdiction where to do so would be in violation of regulations of the profession in that jurisdiction.

Rule 1-100 (Rules of Professional Conduct, in general)

Rule 1-100(D) provides the geographical scope of the California Rules of Professional Conduct.

For California Bar members, the rules govern the activities of members inside and outside of California, except as members lawfully practicing outside of California may be specifically required by a jurisdiction where they are practicing to follow the rules of professional conduct different from the California rules. (1-100(D)(1)).

As for lawyers from other jurisdictions who are not members of the California Bar, the rules also govern the activities of these lawyers while engaged in the performance of lawyer functions in California. Nothing contained in the rules is deemed to authorize the performance of such functions by persons in California, except as otherwise permitted by law.