Hawaii Multijurisdictional Practice (MJP)

For general information about Multijurisdictional Practice (MJP), please see the MJP General page. Hawaii is currently considering adopting the MJP Rules as part of the Hawaii Rules of Professional Conduct.

Hawaii has not adopted a version of ABA Model Rule 5.5 of the Rules of Professional Conduct that would allow attorneys licensed in other jurisdictions to practice law in Hawaii without engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. (HI RPC 5.5)

Rule 8.5 (Jurisdiction) is not the ABA Model Rule 8.5 granting more leeway for attorneys practicing in multiple jurisdictions but still applies to such practices. Rule 8.5 states:

A lawyer admitted to practice in Hawaii is subject to the disciplinary authority of Hawaii although engaged in practice elsewhere.

Hawaii also does not offer Admission on Motion. Please see the Hawaii Pro Hac Vice Rules for admission to a particular proceeding.