Idaho Bar Reciprocity

Rule 206 of the Idaho Bar Commission Rules governs admission to the Idaho Bar for attorneys licensed in other jurisdictions. The process in Idaho is called Reciprocal Admission. Attorneys must have passed a bar exam and have practiced law for three of the past five years in another state or the District of Columbia. However, attorneys must meet the five of the past seven years practice requirement if the reciprocal jurisdiction contains that requirement.


The Reciprocity procedure in Idaho is based on bar reciprocity. Attorneys must be admitted to a state, territory, or the District of Columbia that grants reciprocal admission for Idaho attorneys under provisions substantially similar to Idaho’s reciprocity rules.

Attorneys from these states may be Admitted Reciprocally in Idaho
Attorneys from Wisconsin must have passed a bar exam
Attorneys from these states cannot be Admitted on Motion in Idaho

Reciprocal Jurisdictions

Idaho’s Bar Reciprocity List contains the reciprocal jurisdictions and is subject to change. The map above identifies the states with which Idaho has bar reciprocity.

Additional Requirements

Idaho’s additional reciprocity requirements include:

Law Degree. A law degree from an ABA approved law school.

Failed Bar Exam. Applicants cannot have failed the Idaho bar exam within the past five years.

Character and Fitness. Attorneys must meet the applicable character and fitness standards.

Good Standing and Prior Bar Exam. Attorneys must be in good standing. Attorneys must have passed a bar exam and cannot have failed the Idaho Bar Exam within five years of the application for admission.

Practice of Law. Attorneys must have been substantially engaged in the active practice of law for three of the past five years or five of the past seven years immediately preceding the application for admission in a reciprocal jurisdiction. “Substantially engaged in the Active Practice of Law” includes:

  • Judges, ALJs, or Equivalent (general or appellate for any state or federal court)
  • Not specifically enumerated: government attorneys, judicial law clerks, and military attorneys.
  • Does not include: Individuals practicing as legal interns or under the Idaho pro hac vice rules.

MPRE. The Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) is not required.

Mandatory Skills Seminar. Attorneys must complete the Idaho practice and procedure and ethics sections of the Practical Skills Seminar approved by the Bar. The course is offered twice each year (generally in late April/early May and late September/early October). The class must be completed within six months of admission.

Idaho Bar Reciprocity Application Procedure

Attorneys eligible for Admission on Motion in Idaho must complete the Application. Attorneys have the burden of proof by a standard of clear and convincing evidence to prove the admissions requirements are met.