Indiana House Counsel

Rule 6 of the Indiana Court Rules governs attorneys seeking a special Business Counsel License. The Business Counsel License allows attorneys licensed in other jurisdictions to accept or continue employment with a person or entity engaged in business, other than the practice of law, in Indiana.

Attorneys must:

  • Become residents of Indiana.
  • Be employed by a state or local government or business entity as a lawyer performing duties (for which admission to the practice of law is a required prerequisite) amounting to at least 1,000 hours of work per year.
  • Remain employees and cannot receive compensation for legal services from sources other than the employer.
  • Be in good standing and meet the applicable character and fitness standards.
  • Cannot have failed the Indiana bar exam with the past five years of the application for admission.
  • Within 12 months of the attorney’s initial Business Counsel License, the attorney must attend an annual Indiana law update seminar.

The Business Counsel License Applications may be filed at any time. Applications take approximately six months to process.

Provisional licenses continue for one year and may be renewed. At the time of the first renewal request, the attorney must submit verified information to demonstrate compliance with the required Indiana law update seminar.

The right to practice in Indiana terminates upon transfer of employment outside of Indiana. The license also terminates upon termination of employment unless the attorney has secured employment qualifying for the business counsel license within three months of the termination.