Massachusetts Pro Hac Vice

Chapter 221, Section 46A of the General Laws of Massachusetts provides the rule regarding admission for attorneys licensed in other jurisdictions who are seeking pro hac vice admission.

A member of the bar of any other state who is in good standing may appear by permission of the court if the attorney’s home state grants like privileges to members in good standing of the Massachusetts Bar.

Massachusetts Appeals Courts
A trial court’s allowance of pro hac vice admission does not qualify the out-of-state attorney to file pleadings with the Appellate Courts. Attorneys are required to file a new motion after, or simultaneously with, the entry of the appeal and before the out-of-state attorney files any pleadings.

A local Massachusetts lawyer must file the pro hac vice motion with an affidavit from both the Massachusetts lawyer and the out-of-state attorney that sets forth the facts sufficient to satisfy the statutory and case law guidelines for the exercise of judicial discretion. The out-of-state attorney should attach a current certificate of good standing from at least one jurisdiction where he or she is licensed. The denial of a pro hac vice motion has the effect of a final judgment and is appealable.