Michigan House Counsel

Rule 5(D) of the Board of Law Examiners Rules allows corporate counsel attorneys, who fail to meet the practice of law requirements of Michigan’s Admission on Motion Rules, to receive a special certificate to practice law in Michigan.

Attorneys must:

  • Meet the applicable character and fitness standards by submitting an application with the National Conference of Bar Examiners.
  • Be licensed to practice law in the United States, its territories, or the District of Columbia.
  • Intend in good faith to maintain an office in Michigan.

Attorneys obtaining a certificate may continue employment if the attorney becomes an active member of the Michigan Bar. If the attorney leaves his or her current employment, the special certificate automatically expires. Attorneys may reapply for an additional special certificate if the new employment qualifies.

Attorneys eligible for a special certificate in Michigan are required to complete the Application.

Applications are initially reviewed to determine if the materials facially meet Michigan’s requirements. If the application is returned, attorneys may seek waiver of a requirement by showing good cause by a standard of clear and convincing evidence. Once the NCBE character report process begins, all fees become nonrefundable.

Applications may be accepted at any time. Admission occurs in a Michigan circuit court and an additional $25 motion fee applies at the time of admission.