Missouri Miscellaneous Admission

Missouri Temporary Practice While an Application is Pending

Rule 8.06 of the Rules Governing the Missouri Bar and Judiciary allows temporary practice for attorneys applying for admission to the Missouri Bar while the application for admission is pending.

Attorneys must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Cannot have previously failed the Missouri bar exam.
  • File an application for admission under Rule 8.07 (Missouri Bar Exam), Rule 8.10 (Missouri Admission Without Exam), or Rule 8.105 (Missouri House Counsel).
  • Be active members in good standing of the highest court of a state or territory of the United States.
  • Cannot be under suspension or disbarment by any court of record or the subject of any pending disciplinary complaints.
  • Be supervised as provided in Rule 4-5.1 by a lawyer actively licensed to practice law in Missouri.

Attorneys are required to file an Application with the Board that states:

Temporary certificates are valid for 12 months from the issue date. No person may practice beyond the 12-month period.

Temporary certificates will be immediately revoked without further action by the Missouri Supreme Court if the applicant:

  • Fails the Missouri bar exam;
  • Fails to take the bar exam when eligible to do so;
  • Is denied permission to take the bar exam or is denied approval by the Board on character and fitness grounds;
  • Is denied admission without exam or limited admission as in-house counsel and is not permitted to take the bar exam in lieu of those alternative admissions; or
  • No longer meets the eligibility qualifications of the temporary admission rules.