Missouri Pro Hac Vice

Rule 9.03 (Practice by Non-Resident Attorneys) of the Rules Governing the Missouri Bar and the Judiciary provides the rule regarding admission for attorneys licensed in other jurisdictions who are seeking pro hac vice admission.

Attorneys must be members in good standing of the bar of any court of record and not under the suspension or disbarment by the highest court of any state.

Attorneys must submit a separate fee for each case, for each court or administrative tribunal in which the attorney seeks to appear, and for each attorney seeking pro hac vice admission.

Attorneys must associate with a local Missouri lawyer. The Missouri lawyer must enter an appearance as an attorney of record. The out-of-state attorney agrees to comply with the Missouri Rules of Professional Conduct and becomes subject to the discipline of Missouri.

Attorneys are required to first pay the pro hac vice fee to the Clerk of the Missouri Supreme Court as required by Rule 6.01(m). The fee should include the attorney’s name, the case name, the case number, and the court where the attorney seeks to appear pro hac vice. Attorneys should allow three to four days for processing.

Requests should sent to: For express mail:

Office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court Office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court
Attn: Attorney Enrollment Attn: Attorney Enrollment
P.O. Box 150 207 West High Street
Jefferson City, Missouri 65103 Jefferson City, Missouri 65101

Attorneys must then file with his or her initial court or administrative tribunal pleading the fee receipt and a statement:

  • Identifying every court in which the attorney is a member of the bar.
  • Certifying that neither the attorney nor any member of his or her law firm is under the suspension or disbarment of any such court.
  • Designate a member of the Missouri Bar as associate counsel who has an office within Missouri.

The Clerk will not repay the fee will if the court or administrative tribunal refuses to allow the attorney to appear pro hac vice.