Nevada Legal Services Organizations

Rule 72.1 of the Nevada Supreme Court Rules allows attorneys admitted in other jurisdictions who are employed by legal service organizations to practice on a limited basis for a period of one-year.

Attorneys must be admitted to practice law in any other jurisdiction and meet the applicable character and fitness standards. Attorney must also be employed or associated with an organized legal services program funded from state, federal, or recognized charitable sources that provides legal assistance to indigents in civil matters.

Attorneys may practice in all Nevada courts but must do so under the supervision of a supervising attorney who is a member of the Nevada Bar. Attorneys may only perform legal services in association with the organized legal services program.

All pleadings are required to include the name and office address of, the attorney in charge of the organized legal services program who must also sign the pleading. This supervising attorney is deemed the attorney of record in the case where such pleadings are filed.

Attorneys cannot accept any compensation for their services. However, the organized legal services program, governmental body, or charitable institution may pay the attorney a salary.

Attorneys are subject to the same rules and regulations as active members of the Nevada Bar. This includes the obligation to pay annual membership fees in accordance with S.C.R. 98(9) and to comply with CLE requirements. Attorneys are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts and disciplinary boards of Nevada with respect to the laws governing attorney conduct. Pending final disposition of any such matter, the court may suspend any right to practice that is granted under this rule, without notice or hearing.

Application and Certification
Attorneys are required to file an Application for admission as provided by S.C.R. 56(1). The application includes:

  • Satisfactory evidence that the attorney has graduated from an ABA approved law school.
  • A certificate of good standing indicating that the attorney has been admitted to practice law in another jurisdiction;
  • Certification by the supervising attorney that he or she believes that the attorney possesses the requisite character and fitness to practice law in this state; and
  • Employer Affidavit. A certificate executed by the executive director of the organized legal services program that the attorney will be acting in connection with such program and under the supervision of a member in good standing of the State Bar of Nevada.
  • A non-refundable application fee.

Admission terminates when the attorney ceases to be employed by or associated with the legal services program. The executive director of the legal services program must immediately file a statement to that effect with the Clerk of the Nevada Supreme Court and the admissions director. Attorneys do not retain membership with the State Bar of Nevada and must go through the formal admissions process in order to be admitted to the Nevada Bar.