Nevada Pro Bono

Rule 49.2 of the Nevada Supreme Court Rules allows limited practice for pro bono/emeritus attorneys to assist low-income clients through approved legal services providers. The program is called the Emeritus Attorney Pro Bono Program.

Attorneys must be inactive members in good standing of the Nevada Bar or attorneys in good standing in any other jurisdiction. Attorneys cannot have a record of public discipline for professional misconduct imposed within the immediately preceding 10 years and cannot have resigned from the practice of law with charges pending.

Approved Legal Services Provider
An approved legal services provider is a non-profit organization approved by the Access to Justice Commission or its designee. The organization must:

  • Provide legal services in civil matters, without charge, to indigent persons, or provide legal training, legal technical assistance, or advocacy support, without charge, to qualified legal service projects.
  • File a completed application with the Nevada Bar Access to Justice Coordinator. The application must include:
    • The contact information required by SCR 79.
    • Whether the organization maintains professional liability insurance. If so, the name and address of the carrier.

Pro bono/emeritus attorneys may only practice through an approved legal services provider and must complete any training required by the organization. Approved legal service providers are entitled to receive all court awarded attorneys fees arising from representation provided by the attorney.

Attorneys may be disciplined or suspended. Pending final disposition of any such matter, the court or the Nevada Bar may suspend any right to practice without notice or hearing.

Application and Certification
Attorneys are required to file an Application with the admissions director of the Nevada Bar. The application includes:

  • A completed application and approved legal services provider declaration.
  • Certificates of good standing indicating the attorney has been admitted to practice law in another jurisdiction and is a member in good
    standing in such jurisdictions.
  • A statement of disciplinary history from the jurisdiction where the attorney has been admitted to practice.

Attorneys must reapply annually with the admission director of the Nevada Bar on or before the anniversary date of the original filing for certification.

The certification to practice terminates when the attorney ceases to be employed by the approved legal services provider. The approved legal services provider must immediately file a statement to that effect with the admissions directors of the Nevada Bar.