New Hampshire Pro Hac Vice

Rule 33 of the New Hampshire Supreme Court Rules provides the rule regarding admission for attorneys licensed in other jurisdictions who are seeking pro hac vice admission.

Attorneys must associate with a local New Hampshire lawyer who is required to be present at oral arguments. The New Hampshire lawyer who is co-counsel or counsel of record remains responsible to the client and for the conduct of the proceeding before the court or agency. The New Hampshire lawyer has the duty to advise the client of his or her independent judgment on contemplated actions in the proceeding if that judgment differs from that of the out-of-state attorney’s judgment.

Attorneys are required to file a verified petition with the court. Only one fee is required per out-of-state attorney for consolidated or related matters regardless of how many applications are made in the consolidated or related proceedings by the out-of-state attorney. In the discretion of the court, the fee may be waived to permit pro bono representation of an indigent client.