New Mexico Bar Reciprocity

Rule 15-107 governs admission to the New Mexico Bar for attorneys licensed in other jurisdictions. The process in New Mexico is called Admission on Motion. Attorneys must be able to demonstrate that they have actively and substantially practiced law for five of the past seven years in a jurisdiction(s) that accepts New Mexico attorneys for admission without examination.


New Mexico’s Admission on Motion procedure is based on bar reciprocity. Attorneys must be admitted and have practiced in a jurisdiction that accepts New Mexico attorneys for admission without examination.

Reciprocal Jurisdictions

New Mexico publishes a list or approved reciprocal states. The map above identifies the states that were identified on that list.

Additional Requirements

New Mexico’s additional reciprocity requirements include:

Character and Fitness. Attorneys must meet the applicable character and fitness standards.

Good Standing. Attorneys must be admitted in good standing to the bar of another state, territory, or district of the United States that allows admission for New Mexico attorneys without taking the bar exam.

Practice of Law. Attorneys must have been engaged in the active practice of law for five of the past seven years in a reciprocal state. “Full-time gainful employment in the duration period performance of legal services” is defined as at spending at least 1,000 hours each year in one or more of the eligible activities below, and the attorney has derived at least 50% of his or her non-investment income from those activities. The activities include:

  • Private Practice
  • Judges
  • Government Attorneys
  • Judicial Law Clerks
  • Corporate Counsel
  • Military Attorneys

MPRE. Attorneys must achieve a passing score on the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (“MPRE” ).

Additional Course. Attorneys must submit evidence of in-person attendance and successful completion of a course approved by the New Mexico Supreme Court that shall include Indian Law, New Mexico community property law, and professionalism.

New Mexico Bar Reciprocity Application Procedure

Attorneys eligible for Admission on Motion in New Mexico must submit an Application.