North Carolina House Counsel

North Carolina does not provide a specific admission rule for house counsel attorneys licensed in other jurisdictions. North Carolina General Statute § 84-5 provides general guidance for corporations and the practice of law.

NCGS § 84-5(b) allows attorneys retained by a corporation, whether or not the attorney is a salaried employee of the corporation, to represent the corporation (or an affiliate), or an officer, director, or employee of the corporation (or an affiliate) in any matter arising in connection with the course and scope of the employment of the officer, director, or employee. Attorneys are governed by and subject to all North Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct to the same extent as attorneys licensed in North Carolina.

In addition, the North Carolina Multijurisdictional Practice Rules (MJP) allow attorneys to provide legal services to the attorney’s employer or its organizational affiliations, if the services do not require North Carolina Pro Hac Vice, admission without engaging in the unauthorized practice of law in North Carolina.

Please also see the North Carolina Bar Reciprocity page to view the qualifications for Admission on Motion.