Oklahoma House Counsel

Rule Two, Section 5 of the Oklahoma Rules Governing Admission to the Practice of Law allows attorneys admitted in a reciprocal jurisdiction to accept or continue employment by a person, firm, association, or corporation engaged in business in Oklahoma if that business is not the practice of law. Eligible attorneys may be granted a Special Temporary Permit to practice law in Oklahoma without taking the Oklahoma bar exam.

Please also see the Oklahoma Miscellaneous page to view the qualifications for a temporary permit to practice while waiting to take the bar exam or the results of that exam.

Attorneys must become residents of Oklahoma. The attorney’s full-time employment must be, or will be, devoted to the business of the employer, and he or she receives, or will receive, their entire compensation from the employer for the legal services.

Attorneys must be fully qualified to take Oklahoma bar exam. The temporary permit is effective so long as the attorney remains employed by the employer, devotes his or her full time to the business of the employer, and receives compensation for legal services from no other source other than the employer.

Application and Certification
Attorneys must file an Application that complies with Rule Two, Section 2 (NCBE Character and Fitness Report). The application includes:

  • A certificate from the clerk of the highest appellate court of the state where the applicant last practiced showing the applicant has been admitted and is a member in good standing of the bar of that state.
  • Employer Affidavit. A certificate from the employer of the applicant showing the applicant’s employment by the employer and that the applicant’s full-time employment will be by the employer in Oklahoma.

The right to practice in Oklahoma terminates when the employment ceases or the attorney transfers outside of Oklahoma, unless the attorney is admitted pursuant to another rule.

The temporary permit of any person who takes the bar exam expires on the date that the successful applicant is sworn in. The temporary permit of any person who fails the bar exam is revoked effective immediately upon the announcement of the results of the bar exam.