Wyoming Law Professors

Rule 9 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Wyoming allows law professors to obtain admission to the Wyoming Bar without taking the bar exam. Rule 10 allows clinical law professors to practice in Wyoming on a temporary basis.

Law Professors (Rule 9)

Law professors at the University of Wyoming Law School who have been employed on a full-time basis for at least two complete scholastic years may apply for admission to practice law in Wyoming without taking the bar exam. Law professors that no longer teach full-time are required to take the Wyoming bar exam.

Law professors must be graduates of an ABA provisionally or fully approved law school at the time of graduation and must be admitted by examination to another state’s bar.

Application and Certification
Law professors are required to submit proof of admission by exam to another state bar by filing an application with the Board that contains information relating to the law professor’s educational and professional background and moral character. Law professors are required to pay the applicable fee.

Upon approval, law professors are admitted to practice and enrolled as a member of the Wyoming Bar with all of the privileges and rights enjoyed by any Wyoming Bar member regularly admitted by passing the bar exam.

Clinical Law Professors (Rule 10)

Clinical law professors who are not members of the Wyoming Bar may appear as an attorney only in connection with the supervision of a clinical law program approved by the law school Dean and faculty of the University of Wyoming College of Law.

Clinical law professors are deemed to be active members of the Wyoming State Bar (but are not required to pay fees) for the limited purpose of performing professional services as authorized. Clinical law professors may appear in any court or administrative tribunal in Wyoming on behalf of any person. The client must consent in writing to the appearance, and the consent must be filed in the record of the case and brought to the attention of the judge or presiding officer.

Clinical law professors cannot ask for nor receive compensation or remuneration of any kind from the client.

Application and Certification
Attorneys should review the Application Procedure for Wyoming Bar Reciprocity. Attorneys must certify in writing that they have read and are familiar with the Wyoming Rules of Professional Conduct, the Rules of the Wyoming Supreme Court, and the Wyoming statutes relating to lawyers.

The law school Dean certification must be filed with the Clerk of the Wyoming Supreme Court and with the Wyoming Bar. The certification remains in effect until withdrawn.

The law school Dean may withdraw the certification at any time without stating the cause for withdrawal. The Wyoming Supreme Court may also withdraw the certification at any time without cause and without notice or hearing.

The procedures otherwise provided by law or court rules governing the discipline of lawyers are not applicable to the termination of the certification of a clinical law professor. Termination is without prejudice and the professor may apply for admission through the normal process.