Maryland Pro Hac Vice

Rule 14 (Special Admission of Out-of-State Attorneys)of the Rules Governing Admission to the Maryland Bar provides the rule regarding admission for attorneys licensed in other jurisdictions who are seeking pro hac vice admission.

Attorneys must be members in good standing of the Bar of another state.

Attorneys must associate with a member of the Maryland Bar who is the attorney of record in the action in any Maryland court, administrative agency in Maryland, any of Maryland’s political subdivisions, or any arbitration that is taking place in Maryland and involving the application of Maryland law.

Attorneys admitted pro hac vice may act only as co-counsel for a party represented by an attorney of record in the action who is admitted to practice in Maryland. The out-of-state attorney may only participate in the matter when accompanied by the Maryland lawyer, unless the judge or administrative hearing officer waives the Maryland lawyer’s presence.

Out-of-state attorneys are subject to the Maryland Lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct.

The local Maryland lawyer is required to file a written motion with the court where the action is pending. If the action is pending before an administrative agency or arbitration panel, the pro hac vice motion must be filed in the circuit court for the county where the principal office of the agency is located or in which the arbitration hearing is located or in any other circuit court where the action may be appealed. The motion includes the movant’s signed certification that copies of the motion have been furnished to the agency or the arbitration panel and to all parties of record.

Attorneys must certify in writing the number of times he or she has been specially admitted during the 12 months immediately preceding the filing of the pro hac vice motion. The attorney certification may be filed separately or may be included in the pro hac vice motion under an appropriate heading.

The court may admit specially or deny the motion. In either case, the Clerk will forward a copy of the order to the State Court Administrator, who will maintain a docket of all attorneys granted or denied special admission.

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