Iowa Miscellaneous Admission

Iowa Provisional Admission Following a Major Disaster

Iowa Court Rule 31.17 and the applicable comments to that rule govern temporary admission for out-of-state attorneys following a major disaster.

In rare circumstances, the Iowa Supreme Court may declare a major disaster has occurred that affects all or part of the Iowa judicial system, the judicial system in another jurisdiction, or a major disaster has caused people in need of legal services to reside in Iowa. Following such a major disaster, attorneys in good standing may be granted temporary admission for pro bono services. The pro bono legal services are assigned and supervised by a non-profit bar association. In addition, displaced attorneys in good standing may provide temporary legal services in Iowa that reasonably relate to the attorney’s practice in his or her home jurisdiction.

Attorneys allowed to practice under this rule may not make court appearances except as otherwise provided under Iowa’s Pro Hac Vice requirements or the court grants blanket permission under this major disaster rule. Attorneys are subject to disciplinary procedures and the Iowa Rules of Professional Conduct. Attorneys licensed in other jurisdictions must also notify clients in Iowa of where they are licensed to practice law, the limits of their authorization, and that they are not licensed to practice law in Iowa except under the major disaster rule.

Attorneys must also file for registration with the Iowa Office or Professional Regulation. A form Registration Statement can be found under Iowa Court Rule 31.25.