New Jersey Law Student Admission

Rule 1:21-3(a) and (b) of the New Jersey Court Rules – Rules of General Application allow law school students and graduates to practice law in New Jersey on a limited basis.

Law Students and Law School Graduates
Third-year law students at, or graduates of, ABA approved law schools may appear before a trial court or agency in accordance with a program approved by the Supreme Court on submission by a law school, legal aid society, legal services project, or an agency of municipal, county, or state government.

Once the program is approved, the organization does not need to resubmit for approval but must file a report that lists the participants and the nature of their assignments, as required by the Administrative Office of the Courts.

Approval terminates if the law school graduates fail the New Jersey bar exam for the third time or after two years of employment following graduation, whichever is sooner.

Law School Graduates – Appearances Prior to Passing the Bar Exam
A graduate of an ABA approved law school who has Skilled and Methods Course, before passing the bar exam, may appear in any court for the purpose of answering the calendar call in an action where the attorney or firm employing the graduate is the attorney of record. Graduates must have successfully completed an approved skills and methods course.