Missouri Law Professors

Rule 13.06 of the Rules Governing the Missouri Bar and Judiciary allows law professors who are not members of he Missouri Bar to obtain a certificate to supervise a law student in connection with a law school professional education program.

The time spent practicing as a supervising attorney qualifies towards the practice of law duration requirement for Missouri’s Admission on Motion Rules.

Law professors must:

  • Be eligible to practice law in another state or territory and be in good standing.
  • Cannot have been denied admission to a bar or been disciplined for professional misconduct within the past five years.
  • Certify in writing that the teacher has read and is familiar with the Rules of Professional Conduct and will abide by their provisions (Rule 4).

Law professors may appear in courts and before administrative agencies and provide other legal services only in connection with the law school’s professional education program as a supervisor or teaching in the clinical program. Law professors may supervise Missouri Certified Law Students as a supervisor teaching in a clinical law program or in connection with a law school professional education program. Certificates to supervise do not authorize the lawyer to practice in any capacity other than through the clinical or law school professional education program. Law professors may only receive compensation or remuneration from the law school.

Attorneys are subject to the Code of Professional Conduct (Rule 4), the disciplinary proceedings (Rule 5), and the CLE requirements (Rule 15). Attorneys must pay the Category 1 annual enrollment fee (Rule 6.01(1).

Attorneys are required to file an Application as prescribed by the Board and pay the nonrefundable application fee.

The certificate terminates when the lawyer no longer meets the requirements necessary to initially receive the certificate. The lawyer must immediately notify the law school Dean if there is any change in the lawyer’s license status in other states or territories.