New York Legal Services Organizations

New York does not provide special admission rules for attorneys licensed in other jurisdictions that are practicing law for legal services organizations.

However, New York’s Pro Hac Vice Rules allow pro hac vice admission for attorneys who advise and represent clients and participate in any matter during the continuance of the attorney’s employment or association with an organization described in Subdiv. 7 of Sec. 495 of the Judiciary Law. This provision includes organizations that offer prepaid legal services; non-profit organizations whether incorporated or unincorporated, organized and operating primarily for a purpose other than the provision of legal services and which furnish legal services as an incidental activity to further their primary purpose; or organizations that have as their primary purpose the furnishing of legal services to indigent persons. The representation cannot last more than 18 months.

Please also see the New York Bar Reciprocity page to view the requirements for Admission on Motion.